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What is Sumter County Active Lifestyles?

Sumter County Active Lifestyles (SCAL) is a nonprofit, 501 (c) (3) organization in Sumter, South Carolina, working to make Sumter County a great place to live, work and play by engaging our community in a culture of health.

From 1999 to September 29, 2014 SCAL was funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention through a partnership with the University of South Carolina Prevention Research Center (http://prevention.sph.sc.edu/). That partnership enabled SCAL to advocate and increase opportunities for physical activity in Sumter County.

Today, we are planning for reorganization and exploring the possibilities of becoming a “hub” for our community members and visitors. We would like our hub to be a centralized location for information about healthy lifestyles and activities. We want employers, organizations, residents and guests to know that you can live well in Sumter County! The choices are many!

Information about SCAL’s past programs and activities can be found in our program archives. Our publications are available for downloading from our website. Some materials, such as the Sumter County Walk Maps, are also available at the SCAL office at Sumer County Recreation and Parks, 155 Haynsworth Street, Sumter.

Who are we?

SCAL members and partners are people from the community, representatives of organizations, government and local agencies.

Mission Statement

We promote health and quality of life in Sumter County by advocating for a community environment that supports physically active lifestyles for all citizens.

Overall Goal

Increase physical activity or exercise among Sumter County residents by creating a supportive environment through policy and environmentally-focused strategies.

Background Information

In September 1999, SCAL was organized for the purpose of serving as the community advisory board for and lead partner in the University of South Carolina Prevention Research Center’s (USC PRC) community-based participatory research core project, Environmental and Policy Changes to Promote Physical Activity: A University-Community Partnership. Over the years SCAL became Sumter County’s leading community-based organization promoting healthy and active lifestyles through policy and environmental supports for physical activity.

Early in SCAL's research partnership with the USC PRC, we conducted numerous community audits, key informant interviews, surveys and assessments to obtain residents' opinions on the status of environmental and policy supports for physical activity and suggestions on how to promote physically active lifestyles. With this information, we set our goals and began forming various local partnerships to address the community's needs and desires relative to physical activity. More than 47 groups have partnered with us over the years; many of these partnerships remain intact. We have continued to develop partnerships with additional groups in the community to advocate for and help provide safe and enjoyable places to exercise and to develop community programs.

In September 2009, SCAL and the USC PRC began a five-year, community-based participatory research core project in Sumter County called Sumter County On The Move! (SCOTM!). It was a group-based walking intervention for all adults who live, work or spend time in Sumter County, with the specific goal of increasing residents’ physical activity levels. The study investigated whether strategies for mobilizing, supporting and reinforcing residents’ existing social networks were effective for increasing their physical activity level. SCOTM! included training for walking group leaders and members, informational materials on walking resources and tips for increasing physical activity, follow-up communication to support the walking groups, and recognition of participant accomplishments.

If you would like more information or want to join
Sumter County Active Lifestyles, please contact:
Catherine Blumberg at (803) 774-3860 or cblumberg@sumtercountysc.org

Executive Director: Catherine Blumberg


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